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Here are some reviews that were floating in the web. Some old some new. If credit was found, it was given.

Featuring former Slant 6 guitarist/vocalist Christina Billotte, Quix*o*tic strips down said band's minimalist garage blueprint a step further into haunting, loose, Cramps-ian terrain, with starkly simple melodies and Billotte's wispy vocals at the forefront   Highly suggested for fans of Slant 6, the Cramps, and Satan's Pilgrims.--Nathan T. Birk

Quix*o*tic have stripped the garage riff to its gloomiest essentials, abandoning the ebullience of sheer sonic force for a quieter introspection. While the best songs are the ones that seem to follow the most in the tradition of Slant 6, there are unexpected gems to find. Mira and Christina's acappella cover of the Smokey Robinson and the Miracles song "What's So Good About Goodbye" is perfectly jarring and jarringly perfect. - Pete Rojas 01/31/00

Quix*O*Tic "Night For Day"
Ixor Stix, POB 21811, Washington, DC 20009
With just guitar, bass, and drums, the Quix*O*Tic style on "Night for Day" is varied. On "Make the Ghoul Girls Cry," the wandering guitar lines remind me of Sleater-Kinney, but with lighter vocals and a more '60s feel. "We Are Alone" sounds like it could be on Jefferson Airplane's "Surrealistic Pillow," "Perfume for Plastic Flowers" is a mostly punk song. What remains constant throughout most of these tracks are the very light vocals of Christina and Mira Billotte and the heavy, wandering guitar lines. Fortunately, producers Guy Piciotto (Fugazi) and Craig Bowen keep the mix hard and edgy and don't spoil it by burying the guitars or bass. "Night for Day" doesn't have any major standouts, but it's a solid album and should get some airplay on alternative rock, punk, and guitar rock stations.--Hobby Broadcasting Reviews

If you mix in the right circles --or, possibly, wrong circles, perception pending-- the werk of Christina Billotte (Chris-teen-a Bil-lot-té) is held in sublime regard. Billotte started off life at the start of the last decade in a DC rockband called Autoclave, who hold hands as being they who gave both her and the utterly-graceful Mary Timony (Helium, o'course) to the world. Then, for this girl, came Slant 6, another Dischord outing that nailed some rather splendid mood-driven anglo-punk-reverent nighttime rock-trio-ism,ne'erseen in finer form than on the second record of their illustrious two-lp career,Inzombia.So, anyway, such days have long passed. But, after the passing of such days, in the year called 1999, Billotte surfaced from the black lagoon as the leader of a new rock pack, called Quix*o*tic. An early single gave way to a full-length, issued just as the year wound up to zeros. Night For Day, such an album (such an album recorded by cats called Craig Bowen and Guy [that's "Gee" kids] Picciotto), stays fairly consistent with its fairly impressive lineage. Even if it do unfold a little more slowly (as you kinda expect), Quix*o*tic stretch their limbs with more skeletally-bareboned non-rocking rock-n-roll. More simple rock-trio-ism that sits in some kind of strange un-genre of unfettered note-playing-guitar/loud-drum/shifting-bass type sound. And, the while, most of the while, Billotte lets peel with that deep and buttery voice, singing those spat-out words-and-works that sketch all kinds of classic-latenight-tale thoughts in charcoal. When, on the charming first-up tune, that girl does sing "and you say you're sad, but maybe your love's just bad, make all the ghoul girls cry"; it illustrates the same thoughts of horror-film/horror-in-love that were all over the record Inzombia. And, by the time the record rolls-credits on a take on traditional/religious ode I Am The Light Of The World --Billotte's torch-clutching voice kept warm over a burning beatnik pushbeat-- this latest full-length chapter of Billotte-ism is just as convincing as that last one.

Gravity Girl


Christina from Slant Six and her sister and a lipstick smudged boy.
They were alot like the Shaags actually, except darker, they had a skull on stage.
Before I thought they would be like Nation of Ulysses or every other DC band but they weren't.
They did standup acapella stuff with wood blocks, so heartfelt and lovely. They took the trophy.
Miss French Vanilla

Quix*o*tic s/t 7" EP (IX 002)
Taut, sharp songs played with definite style. The melodies are strong, and they last--demonstrating the difference between toe-tapping and heel-tapping; the one have so much more invested in it. I am not used to being haunted like this.


here's some info on Quix*o*tic;  they are a really good band.  hope you're
psyched... CHRISTINA BILLOTTE (SLANT 6 and AUTOCLAVE) returns with another
brilliant gem of wonderfully played and structurally unique pop. Joined by
her sister MIRA (ex-BLUE RYDERS) and BRENDAN MAJEWSKI (MURDER), Christina
pits her lyrical vocal melodies against quirky, mathematical structures.
Elements of Crass-style punk, doo-wop, and blues all get thrown into the
soup. A fine debut album, produced by GUY PICCIOTTO of FUGAZI.

Submitted by mkrshn on 16-Nov-1999;


QUIX-O-TIC Night for Day CD Ixor Stix IS3
Former Slant 6/Autoclave frontwoman Christina Billotte is joined by her sister Mira on drums and Brenden on bass. They beautifully blend quirky monster themes, Crass and 60’s R&B within the amazing pop hooks you’d expect. ‘Day For Night’ , their first full length gives us a more indepth glimpse into the strange and wonderful world of one of DC’s most creative and unique bands.

Surefire Distribution, inc.


Quix*o*tic Quix*o*tic Quix*o*tic Quix*o*tic Quix*o*tic Quix*o*tic Quix*o*tic Quix*o*tic Quix*o*tic Quix*o*tic

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